17-Year-Old GTA 6 Hacker Reportedly Arrested in London, UK

Update: The City of London Police has confirmed that it’s arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of hacking. It’s being reported that this is (one of) the same individual(s) behind the recent Rockstar incident. The individual is currently in police custody. Original Story: While developer Rockstar has moved to confirm that this weekend’s unprecedented GTA 6 … Read more

Reminder: Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Removed From PS Plus Extra Tomorrow

If you’ve been playing through Red Dead Redemption 2 thanks to its inclusion on PS Plus Extra, and you haven’t finished it yet, then you might want to hurry. Rockstar’s incredible open world title will be removed from the service tomorrow (that’s the 20th September 2022 at the time of writing), and that means Extra … Read more

Huge Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Shows Woman Lead Driving, Shooting

Image: Rockstar Games A user on GTAForums, who claims to have also been behind the recent hack of Uber, has just dumped nearly 100 videos online claiming to show development footage of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto VI, which are currently circulating across pretty much every social media platform. Matching much of what Bloomberg reported earlier … Read more

GTA 5 PS5 Players Are Buying More Shark Cards Than Those on PS4

If you’re a PS5 owner playing the upgraded GTA 5 on your new console, you’re part of the problem. As part of an earnings call, Rockstar’s overlord Take-Two revealed that new-gen owners are “monetising at a rate 36 per cent higher than players on the previous generation” in GTA Online. In other words: new console … Read more

You’re All Wrong! GTA 6 Won’t Have the Franchise’s First Female Protagonist

Earlier this week, we got our first insight into the development of GTA 6. The game – due out in a couple of years thanks to a more tolerable working culture at developer Rockstar – will apparently plot a Bonnie & Clyde-style story in modern Miami, marking the franchise’s “first female protagonist”. Except it’s not … Read more

Rumour: Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 Version Also Ditched for GTA 6

Last week, reports on innerworkings at Rockstar made a lot of headlines. The gist of the reports was that the developer had shelved remasters of Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV, in favour of focusing on Grand Theft Auto 6. The reports originated through Rockstar insider Tez2 , and that same, supposedly reliable … Read more

GTA Online Dialling Down the Effectiveness of the Oppressor Mk 2, Increasing GTA$ Payouts

If you’ve ever played GTA Online, then you’ll know all about the Oppressor Mk 2. The frighteningly mobile flying motorcycle, complete with homing missiles, has been a source of frustration in Los Santos for years – but it’ll be getting nerfed as part of an impending update. In fact, Rockstar is actually cowing to the … Read more

As Red Dead Online Fans Ready Funeral, Rockstar Admits It’s Basically Pulled the Plug

Red Dead Online isn’t dead – but it is. Fans of the sandbox Western were planning a funeral for the game next week, and it looks like that will go ahead, because an update from developer Rockstar doesn’t instil much confidence in the mulitplayer mode’s future. Effectively it admits that, as its attention is turning … Read more