Fired Nintendo Worker Comes Forward With An Account Of Their Dismissal

After filing a complaint against Nintendo of America and recruitment firm Aston Carter earlier this year which alleged “concerted activities” and “coercive actions”, the former contractor who filed that complaint with the NLRB has come forward, revealing their identity and offering further details and an account of their dismissal. As reported by Axios in an … Read more

Hires for AAA Live Service Game from a ‘Flagship’ Sony IP Are Underway

Jetpack Interactive, a small support studio based in Vancouver, has posted job listings for a AAA live service game it is working on with Sony. The title is based on a “flagship” PlayStation IP, and will form part of the platform holder’s large push into the live service games sector. The Canadian team is actively … Read more

Why Italy’s ‘red belt’ unbuckled – POLITICO

Jamie Dettmer is opinion editor at POLITICO Europe.  When asked who he’d vote for on the eve of Italy’s snap parliamentary elections, Renzo Ramacciani, a retired builder in his seventies, slapped his hand on the kitchen table and said, “Meloni.” Like many of his friends, until now he’s always voted for the Democratic Party (PD). … Read more

E3 Returns On June 13th, 2023 With A Vision “To Reunite The Industry”

Image: ReedPop Back in July, it was confirmed that, following some uncertain years, E3 2023 would definitely be happening, and now we know the exact dates of the show: Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th June 2023. The once-annual event is now being run by ReedPop, which is behind other popular events such as PAX East … Read more

E3 2023 Will Try to Re-Establish ‘the Traditional E3 Week’ Next June

ReedPop is looking to “re-establish the traditional E3 week” next year as it confirms the physical show will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center on 13th-16th June 2023. The first two days will give press outlets the chance to get their hands on the latest upcoming titles from the world’s biggest gaming companies, and … Read more

Marvel Not Planning MCU-Esque Connected Universe for Games

Image: Push Square Marvel, fresh from dominating theatres, is expanding its output of video games – led, of course, by Sony’s own Spider-Man and Wolverine adaptations. With a new Iron Man announced earlier this week, as well other in-development projects like Amy Hennig’s Captain America and Black Panther, many are pondering whether these titles could … Read more

Video Game YouTuber Dunkey Launches His Own Indie Publishing Company

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube YouTuber Jason ‘Dunkey’ Gastrow has announced his very own indie game publishing company called Bigmode. In a five-minute upload on his YouTube channel, Gastrow explained how he felt he had been sitting on the sidelines for too long, waiting for “great games” to appear, and now wanted to leave … Read more

Yacht Club’s New Game Engine Is Powering An Unannounced 3D Project

Image: Nintendo We’ve heard before about the Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games working on a “new 3D project” and now it seems to have come up again during an interview Ars Technica. Yacht Club’s game designer Alec Faulkner has revealed how the Mina the Hollower engine is also powering a new “unannounced 3D game”: … Read more

Ubisoft Issues Strong Response to Embargo Breaking YouTuber

Update: Ubisoft has issued a statement aimed at the YouTuber who broke embargoes on an alter-ego’s Twitter account before being caught. Dan Allen Gaming masqueraded as the TheRealInsider on social media, leaking sensitive information he’d been privy to as part of his YouTube channel. A lot of this information was embargoed, and was not meant … Read more

Random: YouTuber Exposed As Embargo Breaking Video Game Insider

Video game “insider” culture has exploded in recent years. With the industry increasingly secretive, enthusiasts have turned their attention to rumourmongers, who tease them with tidbits of information on upcoming games. This presents a huge challenge for sites like ours: a lot of the intel is dubious at best, but with fans clinging to every … Read more