‘Smash Drums’ VR Game Gets a Huge Multiplayer Upgrade – Review Geek

Smash Drums "Let's Party Hard" update banner.
PotamWorks SAS

Ready to jam with your friends in VR? The latest Smash Drums update comes with a huge multiplayer upgrade, making it easier to play with friends or strangers. Plus, a new Challenges feature lets you set up tournaments that everyone can play asynchronously—you know, at their own pace.

Smash Drums is usually described as “Beatsaber with drums,” which is generally accurate. The big difference is that Smash Drums emphasizes rock n’ roll and places players in hardcore situations, like concerts and prisons. While multiplayer was already a component of this game, today’s update makes it easier to rock with friends or strangers.

See, this update integrates Smash Drums with the Meta multiplayer system, which lets you add friends to lobbies. Player can also join parties (which are new) to automatically receive invites for friends’ lobbies. Up to eight players can join a game, and notably, Smash Drums now asks you to rejoin a session if you accidentally bail or lose your internet connection.

You can buy Smash Drums for $19 on the Meta Quest store. The game features an ever-expanding collection of rock songs, game modes, and playing environments.

Source: PotamWorks SAS via Android Central

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