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Jane McDonald took viewers on a Mediterranean cruise where she gave her best tips and tricks when travelling solo. During a trip to Rome, Italy, Jane became inspired by the art of Michael Angelo and decided to channel her inner creativity. After taking part in a painting challenge onboard the cruise ship, Jane suffered a wardrobe malfunction as she spilt paint down her outfit.

When she hopped back on board the ship after a day of sightseeing in Rome, Jane asked: “While we set sail west, I am choosing culture over the kitchen.

“And joining in on the art classes, which is one of my favourite cruising activities. So what have we got to paint then?”

Another guest who was also taking part in the class explained: “It’s going to be the Statue of David, you can emphasise whatever bit you want.”

Going red-faced and giggling at the woman’s remark, Jane quipped: “Oh ok, thank you very much, I might not even get down to that bit.”

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Class teacher and resident artist Gerri then explained: “There is no right or wrong to this, everybody is going to do something different.”

After some time had passed and Jane had made progress on her painting, she began to look around at the other pictures which had been done.

Commenting on the woman next to her, she expressed: “Your is fabulous, yours is more dynamic!

“Yours looks like a man, mine looks like a waiter on a surfboard!”

Also, during her cruise, Jane took the time to visit the leaning tower of Pisa but was left confused when she learnt the real reason it was tilted.

Looking at the historic building for the first time, she quipped: “It really does lean! Miracle, it is still standing if you ask me!

“It says here on my inter-web that the slant of the tower started while they were building it. So, I am not one to cause trouble, but why didn’t they just stop?

“Did they not think, ‘hang on, we have done something wrong here, but no, they carried on building it, and the lean happened because the ground is too soft.”

She added: “It is a force of nature because you think that it is going to fall down, and it doesn’t. We hope, but it is really spectacular.”

As she took in the sights, she noticed many tourists taking the iconic picture, which looked like they were holding up the tower.

She decided to ask two passersby if they could direct her to take the picture, just like the rest of the tourists.

Jane McDonald: Cruising the Med is available to watch on My5.

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