Jan 6 hearings updates – live: Liz Cheney warns not prosecuting Trump would lead to ‘graver’ threat

Trumps hits out at former White House aide

Donald Trump may announce a 2024 bid for the White House as soon as this month, according to new reporting from The New York Times.

Meanwhile, polling shows a narrowing gap with Ron DeSantis, and other potential candidates’ aides told the AP they felt increasingly emboldened.

As speculation about shifts in support grows, Donald Trump has lashed out at Ms Hutchinson on Truth Social and in a Newsmax interview. Calling her a “whack job”, Mr Trump questioned whether she had in fact told the truth under oath. He also claimed that she asked for a job when he decamped to Florida when he left office.

Her testimony that Mr Trump lunged for the wheel of a car and grabbed a Secret Service agent when told he would not be taken to the Capitol on 6 January 2021 has been denied by Tony Ornato, the former agent she told her the story.

He says that no such event occurred but more than one former Trump aide has said he has a reputation for denying the truth of well-known conversations and events after the fact.


Law professor who taught attorney general Merrick Garland predicts Trump indictment is coming

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor who taught US attorney general Merrick Garland, told CNN he believes Donald Trump is likely to face criminal charges for his role in the January 6 attack on Congress.

David Taintor3 July 2022 17:29


What Mike Pence has said about the January 6 riot

Since leaving office, former Vice President Mike Pence has kept busy, joining the conservative think tanks the Heritage Foundation and the Young America’s Foundation, travelling abroad, making endorsement speeches on behalf of preferred Republican candidates and working on a pair of books.

Joe Sommerlad3 July 2022 16:35


Is the Trump team attempting to tamper with witnesses?

The January 6 committee is alarmed that Donald Trump or his allies may be attempting to tamper with the testimony of witnesses participating in the congressional inquiry.

“Most Americans know that attempting to influence witnesses to testify untruthfully presents very serious concerns,” committee vice chairwoman Liz Cheney said on Tuesday.

Josh Marcus3 July 2022 15:00


What we learned from the latest January 6 hearing

From Donald Trump attemping to grab the steering wheel of his presidential vehicle to the former president throwing his lunch against the wall, the latest January 6 hearing included many bombshell revelations.

John Bowden3 July 2022 14:35


More on the Georgia grand jury investigation

The Associated press reports on the Georgia grand jury investigation:

Lawyers representing a former state lawmaker and the state’s lieutenant governor had asked the judge to quash subpoenas for them to testify before the panel, citing legislative privilege and immunity. If he wouldn’t agree to that, they said in a motion filed earlier this week, they urged him to set guidelines for the questioning.


Did Twitter sleuths find proof of Trump lunging at Secret Service?

Some on the social media platform believe so.

Gustaf Kilander2 July 2022 22:30


Trump social media firm subpoened by feds, stock regulators

The Associated Press reports:

Donald Trump‘s social media company and some of its employees received subpoenas from both a federal grand jury and securities regulators, according to a public disclosure Friday, possibly delaying or even killing a deal promising a cash infusion needed to take on Twitter.


Trump blasts Cassidy Hutchinson as ‘social climber’ who is ‘living in fantasy land’

The former president spoke to Newsmax and disputed the story Cassidy Hutchinson said she heard secondhand – that Mr Trump tried to lunge at a US Secret Service agent in his presidential limousine in an attempt to take him to the US Capitol to join his supporters.

Eric Garcia2 July 2022 20:00


Is Cassidy Hutchinson testimony a ‘smoking gun’ that will lead to Trump facing criminal charges?

More than 18 months after a mob of his supporters stormed the US Capitol at his urging, Mr Trump’s luck may have run out, after a Tuesday hearing of the House January 6 select committee. During that hearing, a 25-year-old former assistant to one of Mr Trump’s closest White House aides unloaded bombshell after bombshell about what he and his closest aides were saying and doing before the violent riot.

Andrew Feinberg2 July 2022 19:00


Trump could make surprise 2024 announcement this month, New York Times reports

Donald Trump may launch a surprise 2024 bid as early as this month, according to The New York Times, which reports that the former president could use his newly launched campaign to push back against the damaging revealtions from the House January 6 committee.

David Taintor2 July 2022 17:51

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