“I had better call Tiger Woods up and ask him how to..”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will come to Firestone Country Club to be honored as the 2022 Ambassador of Golf. Rice is not only planning to come but also to play on the famous course. But before that, Rice revealed that she will consult with Tiger Woods about the details.

“You make a good point, maybe I had better call Tiger up and ask him how to navigate some of Firestone,” Rice said during a video teleconference, as quoted by sports.yahoo.com “I will definitely be taking a look at the yardage books before I come out there, that’s something that I do.

I just want to know, are there any forced carries that I should worry about? That’s my principal concern because my woods have a tendency to come out a little bit low. “I might try to get Tiger to give me a few tips.

Now, I am a very good putter and I understand that the greens are a bit challenging, so I’m looking forward to that challenge”.

Dream Foursome

In an interview for Q&A in the media day, she revealed who would be her dream foursome? A: “Well, I’ve had some pretty terrific foursomes in my life.

I played a number of foursomes after we left office with President George W. Bush and you better be prepared to play fast. I can remember hitting a putt about eight feet past and he said, ‘That’s good.’ I said, ‘No, it’s not.’ “I played with Tiger, he’s great fun to play with.

But one of my absolute favorite foursomes is each year Bubba Watson and his wife Angie and my friend Lee Styslinger and I play on the Sunday before the Masters. Angie and I take on the boys and until this year we’ve been winning. This year Bubba sunk a putt on the 18th hole to win”.

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