Various Daylife Review (Switch eShop)

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) At this point, it seems almost certain that Square Enix is using an AI to randomly generate new titles in its “Underlined Serif Title” RPG series. Triangle Strategy already felt like it was pushing the limits, but we’ve now been graced with the delightful Various Daylife. After an initial exclusive … Read more

The History of Fighting Game Crossovers

Darth Vader levels the sights of his pistol at Superman, zeroing in on the Pac-Man backpack he has ‘waka-waka-ing’ away on his back, as Indiana Jones sits in the background playing Galaxian with Lebron James. Elsewhere, Lebron teams up with Shaggy from Scooby-Doo! to beat the life out of Gandalf and Bugs Bunny. Crazy as … Read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 fan with nearly 6,000 hours on Stadia begs Rockstar for character transfer

A Red Dead Redemption player with almost 6,000 hours logged on Google Stadia is begging Rockstar to allow character transfers after the news of the service’s closure. YouTuber @ItsColourTV (opens in new tab) took to Twitter shortly after the news that Google Stadia is shutting down broke out yesterday. “No, you don’t understand how seriously … Read more

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 314

ROUND 1: General Knowledge Who is next in line to the throne after King Charles? Princess Anne Prince William Prince Harry Correct! Wrong! – Which country was Lego invented in? Denmark Belgium France Correct! Wrong! – What is the largest city in South Africa? Pretoria Bloemfontein Johannesburg Correct! Wrong! – Where was Labour’s annual party … Read more

The Lord of the Rings Online is Giving Quest Packs For Free Again Ahead of Before the Shadow

Standing Stone Games has made a similar offer in the past, as well as opening up more content  players of all tiers, but they are running another offer with a coupon code that will give away a number of currently available quest packs. If you don’t already have these  unlocked on your account,  you can … Read more

New The Callisto Protocol trailer released: The Truth of Black Iron

Striking Distance Studios has released a new trailer for The Callisto Protocol that reveals more of the Black Iron Prison setting. The trailer is called “The Truth of Black Iron”, and the titular prison is a “maximum-security facility located on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, where something has gone terribly wrong”. From the original creators of Dead … Read more