Golf analyst David Feherty admits he ditched NBC to join LIV Golf ‘for a lot of money’

LIV Golf analyst David Feherty says players are talking ‘bulls***’ when they claim to join the Saudi-backed tour to ‘grow the game’ – and admits he ditched NBC as he was offered ‘a lot of money’ to cover the breakaway circuit David Feherty spoke with honesty about his move to work with LIV Golf series … Read more

Jon Rahm out of the top-5 after threee years

Jon Rahm, former world number one in golf, fell below the top-5 this week, something that had not happened for three years, in a list whose first four positions continue to be occupied by the American Scottie Scheffler, the Australian Cameron Smith, the Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy (8.30) and also American Patrick Cantlay. Rahm gives … Read more

Everybody’s Golf studio has registered trademarks for a potential new golf game

Everybody’s Golf studio Clap Hanz has registered two new trademarks for what could be a new golf game. As spotted on ResetEra, two new trademarks registered to the Yokohama-based studio have been published in Japan. The first is Easy Come Easy Golf, while the second is いつでもGOLF, which translates to Anytime Golf. Given that they … Read more