Eggs Can Be Healthy—but Not if You’re Eating Them Like This — Eat This Not That

Whether scrambled, hard-boiled, over-easy, or even fried, eggs contain plenty of nutrients. They provide numerous health benefits as they are a good source of protein, and can help things like inflammation, bone health, brain health, and even pregnancy. Eat them for breakfast, after a workout, or even just as a snack during the day. We … Read more

Eating when you are hungry is the best way to LOSE weight, survey suggests…

Eating when you are hungry is the best way to LOSE weight, survey suggests… and it’s better for your psychological health too Scientists say ‘eating intuitively’ is better for psychological and physical health  6,000 young adults from eight countries responded to a survey of eating habits Those who followed body’s hunger ‘signals’ were less likely … Read more

Signs You May Have Asperger’s and Not Know It — Eat This Not That

Asperger’s (or Autism Spectrum Disorder) is an easily misunderstood neurological and developmental condition. “No two adults with Asperger’s syndrome are exactly alike,” says Kenneth Robertson, PhD. “In fact, there is a wide variety of ways in which this condition presents itself. Some people have certain signs of Asperger’s and others have different indicators. The degree … Read more

Healthier foods are better for the planet, mammoth study finds

Food-rating systems that take both sustainability and nutritional value into account could grocery shoppers to make informed choices.Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty Healthier, more nutritious foods tend to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly than those with low nutritional value, finds an analysis of more than 57,000 food items sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Eat Fermented Foods

Fermented foods can provide important benefits for your body, especially for digestive health and your immune system. Fermented foods have undergone the natural process of being fermented by beneficial bacteria, fungi, or yeast. In this process, sugar molecules in the foods get converted to alcohols or acids. Fermented foods are a nutritious and rich source … Read more

A man who took too many high-dose B vitamins loses ability to walk

An Australian man lost the ability to walk after taking 70 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6. According to his daughter, Alison Taylor, the 86-year-old had been living independently when a blood test revealed he was low in vitamin B6, resulting in his doctor prescribing a 50-milligram supplement. Taylor told ABC radio in … Read more

What will it take for Japan to embrace plant-based meat?

An increasing number of people in Japan have been eating plant-based meat in the past few years, a trend set to rise further in the face of changing dietary habits and an aging population. Market experts say the combination of an anticipated surge in international visitors, rising demand for healthier food options amid the COVID-19 … Read more

Eating grapes could hold remarkable potential for health benefits

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Recent studies released by Dr. John Pezzuto and his team from Western New England University show “astonishing” effects of grape consumption and “remarkable” impacts on health and on lifespans. Published in the journal Foods, one study showed that adding grapes in an amount equal to just under two cups of grapes … Read more