Health news: Mum mistook fast growing cancer for long Covid until she had shower | UK | News

A mum who was convinced she was suffering from long Covid was shocked to discover her symptoms were actually a sign of breast cancer. Ann Gilbert, from Walton, Liverpool, began feeling “washed out” after contracting Covid 19 in 2021. The RAF veteran, aged 49, had been suffering from “weird” symptoms ever since the diagnosis. Her … Read more

Impotence drugs that may kill off cancer cells could boost survival rates

Drugs routinely used to treat erectile dysfunction could boost survival rates in people with certain cancers by making their treatment more effective. Researchers at Southampton University have found that drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, which include Viagra, can potentially improve how well patients with oesophageal cancer respond to chemotherapy. The hope is it … Read more

Biotech firm wants to create human embryos from stem cells and raise them in a ‘mechanical womb’

A biotech firm wants to create human embryos from stem cells for the purpose of harvesting tissues to use in transplants after demonstrating success with mouse embryos that were kept alive in a mechanical womb for days until they developed beating hearts and flowing blood. The Israel-based firm, Renewal Bio, has a mission to ‘make … Read more

Bird flu: Fears Christmas turkey production could be affected

T he ‘worst bird flu outbreak in UK history’ is threatening to put supplies of Christmas turkey sales at risk, the National Farmers Union has warned. Detections of the virus at 155 UK sites has led to more than three million birds being culled with avian influenza prevention zones introduced in Norfolk, Suffolk, parts of … Read more

Why are so many women told they’re depressed or menopausal when it’s actually their thyroid?

After months of unexplained low energy and aching joints, Veronica Tamimi told her mother something that would strike fear into the heart of any parent: ‘I just don’t want to be here any more.’ Veronica, 24, from South London, was at the end of her tether. Her skin had become so dry and cracked, it would … Read more