Biggest Unanswered Questions & Mysteries After Season 4

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, volume 2!

In addition to the major cliffhanger ending, Stranger Things season 4 left viewers with many unanswered questions and mysteries. Volume 2 consisted of two jam-packed episodes that focused on an all-out battle against Vecna and the aftermath it caused in Hawkins. Stranger Things will have a limited chance to answer the remaining questions considering season 5 will be the show’s last.

The destruction caused by Vecna was pinned on a natural disaster in Hawkins, specifically an earthquake. However, the logical citizens will know there was more at play. Sadly, Eddie was still blamed for the events, with some conspiracy theorists blaming the satanic Hellfire Club for opening portals to the underworld. Technically, that’s not too far from the truth, except members of the Hellfire Club, including Eddie, were trying to protect their town.


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The plan to kill Vecna went awry, but most of the key characters lived to see another day at the end of Stranger Things season 4. It’s also important to note that the most prominent characters were reunited in Hawkins, giving them a chance to regroup for whatever comes next. While the reunion won’t be a question heading into next season, plenty of other mysteries need solving, from Max’s fate to the goal of the Russians. That said, here’s a breakdown of the biggest unanswered questions heading into Stranger Things season 5.

Will Max Wake Up From Her Coma?

Stranger Things Season 4 Max Injured

Technically, Max ultimately died from Vecna’s curse, but Eleven used her powers in the Void to bring her friend back to life. This was revealed in the time jump two days later when El and her group returned to a ravaged Hawkins. However, Max was shown to be in a coma, and Lucas distressingly shared that she might not wake up. Max’s fate will remain a major question heading into Stranger Things season 5. While there’s still some hope, any road to recovery might not be easy, considering she was left with broken limbs and blindness. When Eleven tried to find Max in the Void, it was empty, implying that Max could be braindead after being clinically dead for an entire minute.

What Will Happen To Hawkins In The Season 5 Time Jump?

Stranger Things 4 Final Shot

The Duffer Brothers have stated that Stranger Things season 5 will feature a time jump, which begs the question of how that will affect the season 4 cliffhanger ending. Episode 9, “The Piggyback,” concluded with members of the group watching a storm approach. Walking to a nearby field, they realized the Upside Down had fully begun to spill into their world. Ash slowly started to fall from the sky like snow as the Upside Down encroached across the field, killing the dimension’s flora as Eleven witnessed a wildflower suddenly die with her own eyes. As the Upside Down’s hold on Hawkins gets worse, it will be a major question to see how bad it gets when season 5 begins. It’s possible that Hawkins becomes a quarantine zone, becoming uninhabitable. Though many of the Hawkins residents were seen fleeing, it will be interesting to see what the main characters’ families decide to do now that Hawkins is being taken over by the Upside Down. There’s also the questions of whether Mike, Nancy, Lucas, and Dustin will tell their respective parents more of the truth and how far the Upside Down’s infiltration will reach.

Did Dr. Sam Owens Live?

Stranger Things season 4 Dr Sam Owens

Dr. Brenner finally met his demise in Stranger Things season 4, but his reluctant Project Nina partner was left with a sense of ambiguity. Dr. Owens’s fate was a mystery in the final two episodes. After siding with Eleven’s plan to leave and save her friends in Hawkins, Brenner had his men detain Owens. He was still chained up when Colonel Sullivan and the U.S. Army infiltrated the underground base. Owens, who has always been a staunch ally, tried to convince Sullivan to let Eleven live, but the man didn’t listen. Though El took down an U.S. Army helicopter while destroying their other vehicles, it was unclear what happened to Owens and whether Sullivan kept him alive.

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Will The Government Still Hunt Eleven?

Stranger Things season 4 Colonel Sullivan

Without any form of transportation, Sullivan and the military had no way of following Eleven after she was rescued from her friends in the Surfer Boy Pizza van. They were left in the desert to watch as the van sped away, and it’s unclear what Sullivan’s next step will be. Members of the government clearly still view Eleven as a threat, but it will be difficult to fully pin the events plaguing Hawkins on her since they now know she wasn’t in the state during the “earthquake.” Hopper and Joyce will probably keep hidden with the kids since they are now all targets, but the government may finally put trust in El now that the stakes are higher than ever.

Will Kali Come Back Now That Dr. Brenner Is Dead?


Kali was mentioned in Stranger Things season 4, but she didn’t return this season. Now that Brenner died, she could show up as her hit-list just got shorter. As revealed in season 2, Kali, aka “Eight,” and her rag-tag group of friends vowed revenge on those connected to Hawkins Lab. Brenner was on the top of that list, though she never found him if he was able to lead the Nina Project. Kali might be considered a controversial character, but her return could serve as a payoff to her season 2 arc, reuniting the surviving test subjects to take on One. She won’t have the chance to serve justice to Brenner, but she can help her “sister” in the most dangerous time of need.

What Were The Russians Planning With The Demogorgons?

Stranger Things Season 4 Demogorgon Lab

Aside from the tease that Hopper was likely alive, the Stranger Things season 3 credits scene featured a revelation that the Russian prison in Kamchatka house a Demogorgon. Season 4 provided more insight, showing that prisoners were fed to the Demogorgon that Hopper and Dmitri fought off in volume 1. However, volume 2 confirmed that the Russians not only had more Demogorgons in holding tanks, but they were also studying Demodogs and particles from the Mind Flayer. The question now is what the Russians were doing with the creatures from the Upside Down. They were able to acquire the monsters from a Gate, with plans to study them. It’s understandable that the Russians would want to investigate their existence. Still, there’s also a reason to believe they wanted to break into the Upside Down to gather more monsters as a way to weaponize them.

Why Was Dustin The Only Character Grieving Eddie’s Death?

Stranger Things season 4 Dustin Eddie

Max wasn’t left in a good state at the end of Stranger Things season 4, but the installment’s major character to die was Eddie Munson. The leader of the Hellfire Club became an instant fan favorite, making his death all the more tragic. Sadly, Hawkins considered Eddie a villain when in reality, he was a hero, something Dustin shared with Eddie’s uncle in an emotional scene. Dustin and Eddie had a close bond, so it wasn’t surprising to see Dustin’s devastation following Eddie’s sacrifice. That said, it was odd that other characters weren’t seen grieving Eddie, nor did they even mention him at the end of the final season 4 episode. Eddie was an integral member of the Hawkins group and the last mission, so it will be interesting to see how season 5 treats the character’s legacy.

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Will Nancy Pick Jonathan Or Steve (Or Neither)?


After a love triangle between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve was put to rest in Stranger Things season 2, the notion returned in season 4, volume 1. It was made evident that long-distance was not ideal for Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship. Matters became complicated, however, when she spent more time with Steve as the Hawkins group held the frontlines against Vecna. There were several hints that Nancy might still harbor feelings for Steve. In volume 2, Steve confirmed that he never gave up on the hope that they could end up together. Any rekindling of past romances was put on pause when Jonathan returned to Hawkins. Nancy assured Jonathan their relationship was still strong, but the encounter wasn’t convincing, especially after Jonathan continued to hide the truth about his college plans. One major mystery leading into Stranger Things season 5 will be if Nancy stays with Jonathan or returns to Steve. The other option is to pick neither as a way to focus on other aspects of her life.

What Happened To Murray, Dmitri & Yuri?

Stranger Things season 4 Dmitri Antonov Murray

During the finale sequence in Stranger Things season 4’s finale episode, Hopper and Joyce reunited with the kids at Hopper’s cabin. They were dropped off by Agent Stinson, who answered their call after Dmitri Antonov and Yuri’s helicopter rescue at the Russian prison. That said, Murray wasn’t in attendance, and it’s also unclear what happened to Dmitri and Yuri after they made it to the states. While they would have wanted to break away from Yuri, it would make sense for Murray to stay close as he’s fully involved in the issues plaguing Hawkins. The same could be said for Dmitri since Murray even teased the Russian will join them in Indiana. Although, it’s possible he set out to find his son.

Could Will Have A Bigger Role In Stranger Things Season 5?

Stranger Things Season 4 Will

Noah Schnapp’s Will Byers has been underutilized for multiple seasons, and Stranger Things season 4 was no different. He was posed to be a key member of the season but was later pushed to the weakest storyline of season 4. Aside from the questions surrounding Will’s sexuality, there wasn’t much discussion centered on the character except for how he wasn’t being used enough. He heartbreakingly put his feelings aside to help Mike and, in turn, Eleven, but volume 2 still didn’t give Will any opportunities to fully shine. That could change in season 5 after Will confirmed that he sensed Vecna’s survival. Everything started with Will’s disappearance, so it would be fitting for Will to be an important piece of how it all ends in Stranger Things season 5. A bigger role for Will has been on the top of the wish list for many viewers over the past few seasons, and time is running out for the Duffer Brothers to deliver.

Can Vecna Actually Be Killed?

Stranger Things Vecna Burning

Eleven had made it clear that she could match One’s powers in certain situations, but defeating Vecna was never considered simple. As part of the mission, Nancy, Steve, and Robin attacked Vecna’s physical body as his mind was distracted. Through the use of Molotov cocktails and shotgun blasts, the trio got the best of Vecna, but he still managed to survive as his four-victim curse caused destruction throughout Hawkins. Vecna’s ultimate plan of taking over the world wasn’t fulfilled, and he surely won’t stop until he’s defeated for good. As he told Eleven that it was only the beginning, “the beginning of the end,” The group has managed to kill creatures of the Upside Down, break control of the hive mind, and defeat the Mind Flayer multiple times, but Vecna is the force behind it all. It will never stop until Vecna is killed for good; right now, that almost seems impossible.

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How Will Stranger Things End In Season 5?

Stranger Things Vecna Eleven

The biggest question stemming from Stranger Things season 4 is how it will all come to an end in the show’s fifth and final season. As seen above, the Netflix series has a lot of mysteries to solve before the grand conclusion wraps up various storylines. There could be lingering threads kept open for potential sequels and spinoffs, but the main conflict centered around Hawkins and Upside Down will need to be brought to a satisfying end. Eleven will still feel responsible for what happened, but she’s also the only one who could lead the charge to save Hawkins and possibly, the world. If Eleven and her allies manage to defeat Vecna, any Gates to the Upside Down will need to be permanently closed. The alternate dimension might also need to be destroyed to fully stop any threats. Even if the group succeeds, it’s unlikely they will fully come away unscathed. The lives of the Hawkins group have already been changed forever, and now they must see it through to the end.

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