15% off Nintendo eShop cards is back at Coles from September 28th

It has been 668 days since we last got these, and it’s Coles once again coming in to save the day. From September 28th until October 4th, Coles will have 15% off Nintendo eShop gift cards. There is a limit of 5 gift cards per customer.


You’ll be able to pick up all denominations of eShop credit at the higher rate. The best way to stretch this discount is to buy a Nintendo Switch Online Game Voucher for $134.95 or of course anything else already on sale. Hey, did you hear? There’s a big sale on this week!

This would take a full price release on the voucher down to just $57.35 – you can’t buy a physical copy that cheap. Even if the game you want isn’t a voucher game, a typical $79.95 game comes down to just $67.95.

All denominations of cards are up for grabs at the reduced rate;

  • $60 eShop card becomes $51
  • $30 eShop card becomes $25.50
  • $15 eShop card becomes $11.47

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